Sunday, December 11, 2022

 Late Notice, but I'm not using this platform as much as Instagram and Facebook. Come on over today between 11 and 5, but also check the page on this blog that says available work 12.22. That is most of what is in the show. Email me at for prices. Happy holidays!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bill. I wrote a note to you on messenger about participating in your upcoming workshop.
Lyndy Kravitz

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill…I’ve been loving you art for a long time
I also loved the art of “ Cars” not knowing you were an artist for the movie
And…I grew up in Orinda! Graduated Miramonte in 1982
Anyway, when will your next open house show be held?
Is there a show schedule for 2023?
Thank you,
Kristi H McKay
Reno, NV

Anonymous said...

Bill, my email
Thank you

Nomad Nina said...

Very nice bllog you have here