Saturday, April 20, 2019

Gallery Show and Talk

Rab Terry and Jennifer Farris, the co-owners of the Studio Gallery in San Francisco, gave me my first solo show there 10 years ago. Since then I have had 7 shows with them, and my current exhibit of pastels will be up until the 29th of April. Thanks to their support I've had a forum about every 18 months to display what I've been up to, what's caught my eye, and where I've been.

This Thursday evening,  from 6-7, I'll be giving a talk at the gallery, and will use my paintings in the show as touchstones to tell the backstories behind some of them, why I pick the kind of images I do.  If you want to know why I like to paint rocks, and why birds have started popping up in my work, come to the Studio Gallery this Thursday, and these beguiling mysteries and more will be revealed!

Afternoon above Ediza
9 x 11

Deep in Tilden
9 x 12

House Finch
10 x 11

The Meadow
14 x 20