Friday, December 20, 2013

Light and Color Design for Film, A Class at the Animation Collaborative

I'll be teaching a 12 week class at the Animation Collaborative, starting in late January. This is not a pastel workshop, it is a class that focusses on developing and orchestrating a light and color based plan for a film.
While I will be talking about the influence of natural light as part of my process, we will cover other aspects as well. This is a very deep subject, and though I don't claim to have a thorough understanding of it from every angle, I have been working in this area since 1995, so you'll get the benefit of my experience(s). I promise I will teach everything I know about this topic.  There will be a series of ongoing assignments and homework. Plenty of lectures and examples. One on one critiques, as well as group. If you're interested, please submit a portfolio (online link to your work) to the Animation Collaborative. All images below are the copyright of Disney/Pixar.