Thursday, September 11, 2014

Upcoming Pt. Reyes Workshop Oct. 3-5

I've been teaching workshops out at Pt. Reyes for several years, and have enjoyed the immersion into that particular landscape, as well as the camaraderie with the students that comes with a weekend adventure, painting and cooking together. This one is coming up in a few weeks, and I still have a few spots left. We will be staying at the Historic Lifeboat Station, an old Coast Guard Barracks, way, way out on the point, near Chimney Rock and the Lighthouse. Cliffs, cypress, seals, rolling hills, deer, cattle, and the ocean are right outside the door, so to speak. Go here for more information, and to sign up.


Anonymous said...

I am an artist from India. Your pastel art works are just amazing. I am interested in knowing more about the pastel brands that you use in your landscapes.

Shelley McCarl said...

Hello, Bill--
I was just rereading some of your blog posts, and once again marveling at how you so delicately capture the effects of light on a variety of natural surfaces. That is exactly what I'm interested in, in my own work...and also, I'm absolutely astonished that you are able to pull off these gorgeous paintings on my own LEAST favorite paper! Makes me think of trying it out again, and use your tips from the demo you posted earlier.
Couple of questions: when you are painting outdoors, do you have a set palette of colors? And about how many do you take with you? I've only done outdoor studies in oil, so am very interested. Also, do you know where I can get another copy of your exhibition catalogue, Light, Water, Granite? I have a student who wants one, and I'm not giving mine up! Have you considered writing a full book, both about your process and about your observations on light, etc? THANK YOU for taking the time to write your blog--it's a gem!

Bill Cone said...

Hello Anonymous from India. I primarily use Terry Ludwig pastels. If you read through some of my blog posts, most of my materials are pretty clearly indicated. Thank you for your comments.

Hi Shelley, Thanks for the kind words. When I'm painting outdoors, I usually take a Heilmann 'backpacker' sized box out that has a decent range of colors and values to give me some choices, and adapt to the light and weather. I would say that I am probably carrying around 120+ sticks with me in various stages of wear.

I'm sorry, but my catalog from long ago is sold out. I've been compiling notes and ideas for awhile with a goal of doing a book, but it won't be for awhile. I am just too busy at work. But thanks for asking. It is encouraging.