Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gallery Talk tonight in San Francisco

In my last show at the Studio Gallery, my talk was scheduled the same evening as a playoff game between the Giants and some rival team.This time I won't be competing with any sporting events that I'm aware of, and hopefully the weather will curtail its recent outbursts, so there will be some folks willing to make a trip to the gallery this evening at 7.
I've got a range of work in the show of what I might call the usual suspects and terrain, which will be the basis of my talk. I'll try to explain what it is that draws me to paint what I do, and also go into the issue of my evolving studio efforts, and what I can get out of that process that I can't get in nature (and vice versa). I welcome hecklers and those that ask questions, along with the polite listeners. And, of course, as a bonus, all the secrets of Art will be revealed.... Hope to see there!


Ida M. Glazier said...

You have no idea how much I wish I could be there

Good luck tonight, and I hope all goes well--better, in fact!

Bill Cone said...

Hi Ida, Good to hear from you! The talk was pretty well attended for an evening of downpours, thunder and lightning. I gave sort of the bouillion cube, cliff notes version of my workshop in about an hour and change. Plenty of questions, so a good group of folks in attendance, from students to collectors, co-workers, friends, and the like. Fun! Wish you could have been there.

Peter Livingston said...

Mr WD40 here,

thanks for sharing tips

failed to comment on your art: find it inspirational

have been doing 3D CAD professionally but find tactile experience of soft pastel landscapes compelling; although it does mess up my hands-dermitologist made recommendations but have settled on beeswax hand cream instead

will try to be less object oriented and take things more lightly

would be interested in knowing more about your workshops

Alexis Barattin said...

Wow, you are such a master of colour and light.

Jody Regan said...

Wonderful, inviting feel to this painting; intriguing. Love the ticks of light in the trees on the right.

Dianne said...

Those pictures are astounding. I checked the Gallery website and saw the images. Amazing pastels, they glow.
Hope you get to Coyote Hills in June!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous- wish I could have been there to see in person. Always inspiring!

Unknown said...


sketchup4architect said...

Wow, you are such a master of colour and light.