Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sierra Show Wrap Up

The last day of the show (one wall)

The last day of the show (other wall)
Red dot indicates a piece is sold.

I had a wonderful experience doing this show. I didn't know what to expect. The whole process has been a great education for me. From evolving a studio methodology for my own art, to trying different framing ideas and styles, to putting together a catalog, the responsibility and challenge of of doing a one person show is a good kick in the pants.

Being able to choose from 4 years of work helped me select and edit what went into the show. I used some pieces as studies, that I might have otherwise framed and exhibited, to do more resolved and larger studio pieces. My goal was to have a forum for my work that could be seen as a whole, and allowed the viewer to see the differences in light and color throughout the day. Jennifer Farris and Rab Terry of the Studio Gallery respected my goal, and changed their common practice of allowing customers to take a piece home the day it was purchased, instead keeping the body of work intact for the entire run of the show, for which I am pleased and grateful. I've always been a bit frustrated by the Plein Air format of putting up all your work in a show, and watching it get decimated in a few hours by buyers, so people that come by later may miss the thread, or range of ideas, one was pursuing and hoping to express. I am not suggesting that the sum is greater than the parts as much as a body of work can have an aesthetic and emotional resonance and range when viewed together that the separate pieces can't.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to do this, helped me put it together, and who came to the show, purchased my work, and/or offered words of support. This has been a long time in the making, but very rewarding in so many ways. The artists that went up into the mountains were a great catalyst... a mobile community of like-minded souls, that enriched the whole experience. The camaraderie and the opportunity to see the world through other artist's eyes made it that much more stimulating and fun. Patty, my wife, was my partner in selecting and framing all the work, as well as being my on call aesthetic advisor when I was stuck on some visual conundrum. Jennifer Farris and Rab Terry, the owners and operators of the Studio Gallery gave me the opportunity last fall to do this, and have been wonderful to work with. My advice to others is to go find your own mountain and climb it. You can do it!


Rab Terry said...

Dang, I'm suffering from "Cone-scape" withdrawal. It was such a pleasure to come to work everyday, turn on the lights and see this fabulous group of paintings. I'm glad that almost ALL OF THEM found new homes though. I suggest that if anyone reading Bill's blog hasn't seen his work in person, that you get up and see it at the next opportunity. Hopefully STUDIO will have more in the future.

Bill Cone said...

Rab, You made my day. Thanks for allowing me to show in the gallery. I'll try not to take 4 years to
get some other work done.

Elflling said...

I went to your show in San Francisco three times -- the work showing are absolutely amazing. The beauty and surreal sense it evokes in me stirred for days, and I started to paint outdoors after a final visit to the show at its ending date. Really good art have such magical power, it calls for the best part in all of us. Thanks a lot for asking the gallery to keep all the work until the ending date. It is truly a show worth visiting again and again.

smanbeian said...

Dear Mr Cone,

I recently read an article on you ( the March issue) in The Artist's Magazine, and was very impressed by your work and what you had to say. I would like to know if you would be interested in speaking at our conference in November of 2010. I am writing on the behalf of the California Arts Education Association. The CAEA is the professional Association of Art teachers in the state of California , and currently represents over 1,000 Art teachers. You would be speaking to Art teachers at all grade levels (K-12 and college).
Recent past speakers have been Dale Chiuly, Sandy Skoglund, and Bill Viola.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Susan Manbeian
Northern California Art Education President
California Arts Education Conference Co '10'

Anonymous said...
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