Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Upcoming Napa Show

I've been trying to get out on the weekends and paint for the Napa Valley Art Festival that is happening at Copia on May 31st. The show runs from 10-4, and I'll be there, along with a few fellow Pixarians, Ernesto Nemesio, and Sharon Calahan, as well as a lot of the Sonoma Plein Air Regulars, including Paul Kratter, Randy Sexton, Kevin Courter, and Kim Lordier, to name a few. It should be fun, and there will be plenty of great art to browse. Here's some of my recent pieces that I'll be exhibiting in the show.

Late Spring
10.5 x 10" Pastel on Canson paper

Off Season
8 x 13" Pastel on Canson paper

10 x 10.5" Pastel on Canson paper

Dry Creek Crossing
8 x 12.75" Pastel on Canson paper

Diablo Afternoon
10.5 x 10" Pastel on Canson paper

March Morning
10 x 14" Pastel on Canson paper


JP said...

what a blast of luminosity. beautiful

Anonymous said...


I find "Diablo Afternoon" particularly whimsical and exquisite. I am looking forward to see you again at this show. It is a double treat as I am also a huge fan of Ernesto's work. He has a way of capturing calmness and peacefulness in nature.

I hope that you will bring watercolors to the show.



Benjamin Plouffe said...

your stuff blows me away Bill! I wish i were able to see these up close in person!
Oh and By the way Thanks for the Framing Tips! Much appreciated!

belindadelpesco.com said...

Incredible work. Love the color, composition, textures and tilted angles. Really Amazing.

TJ said...

Can't choose between these four - love them all. Wish I lived closer so I could see the Napa Show.

Anonymous said...

Man, those look fantastic, just sublime colour work!

Grant said...

Hey Bill,
These are stunning as is all of the work. I peek my head in every once in a while to see what's new.

Are these all "en plein air"? Do you ever do studio paintings?


Bill Cone said...

Thanks all for the kind remarks and notes from places far and near. I am still amazed at the ability for artists to connect globally with the net.

Charles: I will try and remember to bring my watercolors to the show. You will then see their true postage stamp scale, and sketchbook-y nature.

Benjamin: Glad to help with framing tips on pastels. They are a bit of a pain regarding transport and exhibition, but I still think it is a worthy medium.

Grant: The pastels in my recent post were all done outside. As the majority of my day job in film keeps me indoors, it is not only therapeutic, but instructive, to work outside. Nature is a great teacher, so working outdoors is an ongoing education for me.

Unknown said...

your pastel work blows me away every time! Thanks for sharing Bill!

Francis said...

Amazing work, Bill! Your art always inspires me. I'm interested in trying out pastels, but it is a tool that I know nothing about. I always wondered what kind of pastels you use. Do you have a combination of various types of pastels (such as soft, or oil) in one piece of work, or do you stick to one type of pastel per piece?

Marco Bucci said...

All of these have enormous depth. The light is real. Thanks for posting!

Bill Cone said...

I use a variety of soft pastels, such as Terry Ludwig, Unison, and Sennelier, as they are all compatible. I work on Canson paper, usually the color called 'twilight' or a 'tobacco' colored one, depending on the circumstance. I don't fix my work, as it changes the color and relative contrast.

Some of my comment replies in January and February discuss materials in more detail.

Francis said...

Bill, thanks for the reply. I will check out your other posts about materials!

Anonymous said...

Man, I really love how you did all these, Bill.

Vladimir Bursańá said...

Wonderful art Bill! Congrats!
All the best!

dicet said...

amazing line up of paintings!

I'll be there for the show!

Adam_Pintek said...

Your work is always so inspirational.
I especially like the one on top.

Thanks for the post !!!

lorelay bove said...

Wow!!!.... Bill you are amazing! these are so beautiful
so full of life! the light is amazing!

thanks for your tips for the toy story book, I appreciate it!

lorelay bove

Unknown said...

These are stunning!

Craig Mackay said...

Gorgeous work, Bill. Simply breathtaking pastel work. Thank you for filling up my inspiration's hot air balloon with one puff. Can't wait for more.

J said...

These are beautiful Bill.
Your ability to really get that light is amazing. Such subtle stuff.

Jala Pfaff said...

I absolutely love your plein air work. I'm adding you to my blog list so I can check back in frequently. Cheers!